Sherlock – PBS

Watched the first episode of this new “Sherlock” on PBS last night and I’m in love.  Love the idea and love the fun and love the silliness and the underlying sexiness of it and I’m equally in love with both lead actors which just shows how impossible it is for me to make any sort of a decision, being a rampant raging Gemini from the ground up.  Benedict Cumberbatch is lithe and lanky and completely British and snooty and odd and my goodness how can you expect me not to be in love with a young Brit actor whose name is Benedict CUMBERBATCH with those cheekbones you could slice, well, you could slice a whole batch of cumber with if a batch of cumber could be sliced.  The show has brains and wit and oodles — yes, goddamned OODLES of charm.  Then there’s Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson who has one of the best haircuts I have ever witnessed, I kid you not.  His every confused glance in the first hour is just breathtaking.  And the relationship of these too classic characters retold in a present day setting is just jam-packed with joy for those of us who are fans of Sherlock Holmes.  Cumberbatch.  Seriously.  Come and get me.

You can watch online here.


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