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Matt and Ross with Betzy

July 22, 2010

Matt and Ross, Betzy’s dapper and distinguished escorts

Originally uploaded by The Flaming Curmudgeon.

R.I.P. Lena Horne

May 10, 2010

Simply one of the ultimate singers of any sex, race, creed, color or planet.  Such a pleasure listening to her on my walk to work this morning.  A true national treasure.  Thank goodness for her many recordings and her long and sassy life.


April 25, 2010

Sherie Rene Scott’s Bumpy Road to Broadway –

Visit to Broadway

April 14, 2010

This past Saturday I paid a visit to Broadway with my old pal Jean visiting from Massachusetts.  Yet, there’s always something on my mind, isn’t there.  So surrepticiously sneak snaps of bystanders.  This hale and hearty handsome hunk disappeared shortly after I captured him with my leering lens.  Perhaps, as usual, he was only a figment of my vivid imagination. IMG_5793

My new pen

March 24, 2010

This is my new fluorescent pink Caran d’Ache ballpoint pen. Been coveting this for a year. Treated myself. Sometimes you cannot fight the power of the swish!

Adventures in Podiatry

January 29, 2010

This week I had my second visit with my fantastic podiatrist who has my feet on the road to recovery.  Today I shall start my three-month therapy of Lamisil tablets once a day to treat my rancid toenail fungus.  A friend told me it really works so I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I don’t suffer any awful side effects.  My warts on my other foot have been zapped with lasers and I’ve been treating them with salicylic acid daily.  At this week’s appointment, the doctor scraped away dead tissue and then froze them and applied some sort of acid and then bandaged them up.  Apparently the laser machine is on the fritz so he couldn’t use that.  This doctor is very good at distracting me from what is going on down by my toes by discussing films and theatre.  I appreciate this.  At one point he took out a felt pen and seemed to be marking something on the bottom of my foot.  I didn’t think anything of it and it wasn’t until the next morning that I twisted my foot around so I could see that he had actually written words on the bandages.  Ya gotta love this guy!

Matt Alber

January 25, 2010

So kill me for being a tad lazy today but I wanted to post this newish video from the ever-adorable and supremely talented Matt Alber.  You can also swoon to his previous video in THIS POST.  His voice is so pleasant to hear and, well, heck, I ain’t against just looking at his smiling face for a few minutes.  You can sign up for Matt’s mailing list here.  Yes, I’m an old smitten fan.  I’d be a bobby soxer type of gal if such an animal still existed.


January 25, 2010

Just the word PRADA makes me sort of weak in the knees so imagine the goosebumps I get from watching this über stylized video (via, like so many nui loa things, Popwuping) by Yang Fudong.  If you ever want to get me a gift, well, those shoes, those suitcases for starters.  Oy freaking vey!

Just plain cool.

January 22, 2010

I have no need for this product but I would love to have it.  And it’s called BOOKBOOK which is just so happily minimalist.  I should live in an advertisement in a foofy glossy design magazine.  Yes.

Via PopWuping as usual.

Bag Fetish

January 12, 2010

Thank you, again Popwuping, for firing up my frenzied fetish for expensive bags for which I have no need, merely a rabid covetous lust the flames of which will never be extinguished.  The beauty of this Paul Smith bag — of course only available in far off Europe — makes me pant and froth, just a little, at the mouth.  My bag fetish is primal, genetic and surely I deserve to be flogged for even admitting it.  But there you are.  And here I am.  And, mommy, I want one!

And one from my office

December 31, 2009