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Sherlock – PBS

October 26, 2010

Watched the first episode of this new “Sherlock” on PBS last night and I’m in love.  Love the idea and love the fun and love the silliness and the underlying sexiness of it and I’m equally in love with both lead actors which just shows how impossible it is for me to make any sort of a decision, being a rampant raging Gemini from the ground up.  Benedict Cumberbatch is lithe and lanky and completely British and snooty and odd and my goodness how can you expect me not to be in love with a young Brit actor whose name is Benedict CUMBERBATCH with those cheekbones you could slice, well, you could slice a whole batch of cumber with if a batch of cumber could be sliced.  The show has brains and wit and oodles — yes, goddamned OODLES of charm.  Then there’s Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson who has one of the best haircuts I have ever witnessed, I kid you not.  His every confused glance in the first hour is just breathtaking.  And the relationship of these too classic characters retold in a present day setting is just jam-packed with joy for those of us who are fans of Sherlock Holmes.  Cumberbatch.  Seriously.  Come and get me.

You can watch online here.

Oasis 2010 Photos

August 1, 2010

I swear there were more but they have been deleted?  Or I am crazy?  Or both.  Click on the lovely photo.


April 25, 2010

Sherie Rene Scott’s Bumpy Road to Broadway –

Amen to that!

April 14, 2010

One more for today

April 13, 2010

What’s a China Cabinet Used For?”

April 5, 2010

John Skocik as CARGO

Stephen Sheffer as LANDON

I am pleased to introduce you to the young and talented cast of Ryan Gajewski’s What’s a China Cabinet Used For? for the 16th Annual 15-Minute Play Festival April 19, 2010.  Auditions were this past Saturday and what a busy day it was. However, at the end of an exhausting day we had some perfectly lovely actors from which to choose.

Jeanette Lutz as MARION

Abigail Taylor as Kelsey

Hallelujah that we got all of our first choices.  I’m so looking forward togetting in the rehearsal room with these four and Ryan’s funny script.  All for fifteen minutes of fun and giggles and just a little bit of comic-tragedy.  It’s all going to be over way too fast so I hope that talented gent is working on his next wonderful opus.  And I hope he’ll want to work with me again after this!

My new pen

March 24, 2010

This is my new fluorescent pink Caran d’Ache ballpoint pen. Been coveting this for a year. Treated myself. Sometimes you cannot fight the power of the swish!

15-Minute Play Festival

March 13, 2010

What a pleasant feeling it is that when you’re thinking — oh, what shall I do next?  I’ve sent in my Fringe application and I have a poo-load of work to do and I’m worried that I’ll never accomplish it but I WANT to and I NEED to and surely I will — and out of the damn blue the playwright whose play got you back in the show business after so much time at last year’s Fringe calls you on the phone and casually — nay,  COOLY and NONCHALANTLY with a LAID-BACK SAVOIR FAIRE bordering on SANG FROID even — asks you (after you nattered on for uncountable minutes of digression) to direct his play that was accepted to the 15-Minute Play Festival.  And he never even ever really asked that question directly because that’s not how you two seem to work together.  You talk a lot, he talks a little bit.  Often things are implied and understood and this confuses you and you think it amuses him and you hate to admit it that you are learning about human interaction in such a modern way.  So here you are — not having to just sit and fret about whether or no your magnum opus for Betzy with a Z will be accepted into the Fringe Festival — but rather here you are actually directing and producing

(why does this seemingly endless paperwork involved in producing even a short, short comedy boil my psyche in a caldron of joy like a European jungle explorer unwittingly befriended by cannibals in a B-movie? [complete aside: CONGO MAISIE starring Ann Sothern is on TCM at 7:00 a.m. and if you have to wonder if I’m recording it AGAIN then you have never met me, have you?])

— a 15-minute comedy by a truly humorous young writer who writes truly humorous writings.  Damn!!  Pleasant?!  Did I say, “Pleasant”?  SPECTACULAR is the word.  Them theatrical juices oozing like a floozy in her too-tight dress on a humid night with the rent due and an aching hankering she couldn’t spell if she tried. SO, here’s the flyer for the festival.  The thing is a competition.  The audience votes.  80 seats.  ONE performance Monday evening, April 19.  If you want a ticket (and if you don’t, why in the hell are you even reading this bumptious blog?) set your calendar for March 29 when tickets go on sale and sell out in less than a few hours and go to THEATERMANIA.COM to buy tickets.  No, there are no comps, there are no special arrangements because you love the big time swish director, no no no and no.  Don’t call me, don’t e-mail me.  On March 29 go to THEATERMANIA.COM and order your tickets.  I love the play.  It’s got some great words in it in amusing and intelligent combination.  And you cannot beat a play titled

What’s a China Cabinet Used For?

I did it…

February 11, 2010

Matt Alber

January 25, 2010

So kill me for being a tad lazy today but I wanted to post this newish video from the ever-adorable and supremely talented Matt Alber.  You can also swoon to his previous video in THIS POST.  His voice is so pleasant to hear and, well, heck, I ain’t against just looking at his smiling face for a few minutes.  You can sign up for Matt’s mailing list here.  Yes, I’m an old smitten fan.  I’d be a bobby soxer type of gal if such an animal still existed.

Briskly Running in the Chill

January 13, 2010

I started my new 10-week running program “Targeting Training for a Faster Finish” through JackRabbitSports last night in Central Park.  I got sidetracked from my running in the fall and I’ve only started to try and get back in the swing of late.  I got an e-mail newsletter and thought this program would be just the thing.  Plus, as always, it’s good to get out and about to help ease my anxiety.  Oy vey.  I had thought that cold weather running would be unendurable as I’m a certified wuss as well as a professional swish but — yes, folks, he’s going to say it — I was wrong!  I am loving running in the cold.  There’s something very “at one with the universe” about it.  There are fewer distractions.  The cold actually makes me more focused and less likely to have a bathroom emergency.  I almost stop thinking about that issue completely.  And, honeys and darlings, “almost stop thinking about” in this case is WAY THE HELL BETTER than “keep obsessively ruminating about” oh, yes, amen and hallelujah.  Of course I have invested in the proper underlayers of technical wear.  EMS is having a lovely sale right now so I’ve even picked up an extra set of long johns and another tech top for wicking away my masculine sweat.  Oh, but I did not buy those barefoot running “shoes” that look like freako hobbit feat and that seem to be enjoying some nonsensical vogue currently.  There was this one young man in class last night….  Now, I’m sure he is just lovely and smart and desirable and the bee’s knees and all that.  And he is extra manly because he runs in the freezing cold in his shorts and top — he may have had two layers on but I wouldn’t bet on it — and he wore a hat for part of the run.  But he was wearing those hobbit feet things.  Now if I wore that sort of shit out in public the boys would push me down and kick me, but this young gent with all his Columbia University logos emblazoned everywhere runs in his faux bare feet.  Thus, he will never be my boyfriend because, well, honestly, someone has got to have SOME standards around this town, right?  So, to balance things out, I ordered a new hat on sale from EMS.  The name of the color?  “GYPSY PINK.”  Do not mess with the Flaming Curmudgeon as he marks his territory with overt and superb SWISH!